5 Top Certification by Cisco

Cisco Systems Inc is a pioneer in the networking industry across the globe offering a multitude of networking solutions to its clients. It provides widely recognized networking certification programs to different sets of engineers who would like to establish their careers in the networking field. Since Additional Online Exams For Validating Knowledge Certification has a global presence, these certifications are recognized and accepted worldwide. It also serves as a benchmark for professionals in the networking domain and hence is considered necessary by many companies.

Cisco Systems invest a lot in its Research and Development division and has acquired a large number of patents in the various domains in the networking domain. Hence, the quality of the certification is constantly subject to enhancements. There are various basic, advanced and architect levels of certifications provided to candidates aspiring to shape their career in networking.

Why Cisco Certification?

The Cisco Service Provider Video Certification Preparation program is divided into various levels and organized in such a way that network professionals can acquire expertise and enhance their knowledge of the networking technologies in a systematic way. Since Cisco certification serves as a benchmark to assess one’s technical expertise and knowledge, Cisco certified professionals are given preference over other candidates for any networking job. And obviously, they are paid better than most non-certified network professionals. So, don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks to get certified by Cisco if you want to enter into a top networking company.

Basic Certification Levels and Paths

Cisco offers a wide variety of certification programs, cutting across various networking domains. The training programs, the tutors and training material are state of the art. Cisco provides eight different basic certification paths offered as part of Cisco Certification. They are

  • Routing and switching
  • Network Topologies, and Design
  • Network Security
  • Service Provider
  • Service Provider Operations
  • Storage and Networking
  • Voice Technology
  • Wireless Technology
  • Cisco Specialist Certification Preparation

These certifications are provided in four different levels. The first level is entry-level, followed by Associate, Professional and Expert levels. There are no pre-requisites for taking up a certification in the entry level, but to get certified in other levels, certification at the lower levels is mandatory before proceeding to the next. A candidate can choose his/her own interest in any path listed above and proceed to other advanced and architect levels.

Specialist Certifications

There are various specialist certifications that offer advanced technical levels of expertise in specified areas in the networking domain. The various specialist certification programs are

  • Advanced Switching and Routing certifications
  • Data center, unified computing certifications
  • Unified communications and video certifications
  • Meeting place certifications
  • VPN and network security certifications
  • Wireless LAN Certifications
  • Network Foundations certifications

This list of specialist certifications is constantly modified and new specializations are added and obsolete ones are removed to keep up with the current trends in the networking industry. These training programs are offered to people who have a basic level of certifications in the corresponding levels. These certifications are considered to be hard as the criteria for securing a pass is kept very high so as to maintain the quality and standard of the certification.

Cisco Certified Architect

Cisco recently announced a new architect level of certification that recognizes the architectural experience of highly competent network designers who are highly skilled in designing complex network topologies that can support huge organizations thereby improving the operating standard of the entire institution.

5 Top Cisco Certifications are:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless (CCNA Wireless)
  • Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
  • Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP)


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